Pasmo, ensamblador cruzado Z80 portable / portable Z80 cross assembler.

Última actualización / Last updated: 5-mar-2022.

Última versión de Pasmo / Last Pasmo version: 0.5.5

Ver también la pre-versión de 0.6 / See also the pre-version of 0.6

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Acerca de / About.

Pasmo es un ensamblador cruzado para Z80, escrito en C++ estándar que compila con facilidad en múltiples paltaformas. Actualmente genera código obejto en los siguientes formatos: binario crudo, Intel HEX, PRL para RSX de CP/M Plus, Plus3Dos (Spectrum +3 disco), TAP, TZX y CDT (imagen de cinta para emuladores de Spectrum y Amstrad CPC), AmsDos (Amstrad CPC disco) y MSX (para uso con BLOAD desde disco en Basic).

A partir de la versión 0.5.0 puede también generar código 8086 a partir de fuentes Z80, en formato binario pura para COM de Ms-dos o en formato CMD de CP/M 86.

Pasmo is a Z80 cross assembler, written in standard C++ that compiles easily in multiple platforms. Actually can generate object code in the following formats: raw binary, Intel HEX, PRL for CP/M Plus RSX, Plus3Dos (Spectrum +3 disk), TAP, TZX and CDT (Spectrum and Amstrad CPC emulators tape images), AmsDos (Amstrad CPC disk) and MSX (for use with BLOAD from disk in Basic).

Starting with version 0.5.0, can also generate 8086 code from Z80 sources, in binary format for Ms-dos COM files or in CP/M 86 CMD format.

Documentación / Documentation.

You can also see the README file and some .asm samples included with the sources.

pasmodoc.html en inglés.
También se puede consultar el fichero README y algunos ejemplos incluidos con las fuentes.

Descargas / Download.

Version 0.5.5

New directives IFDEF and IFNDEF. New emit options --sdrel for SDCC .rel files and --trs for TRS-80 cmd files. A lot of code cleaning and reformating. Some bug fixes. Test suite: use make check.

Gzipped tar file: pasmo-0.5.5.tar.gz

Version 0.5.4.beta2

This version add third pass option (--pass3), phase error detection in cases where a EQUated symbol changes value between passes, and automatic switch to third pass in that case.

Fuentes y ejemplos / Sources and samples:
Gzipped tar file: pasmo-0.5.4.beta2.tgz

Windows executable:

Version 0.5.3

In the previous version several error gives a 0 exit status. This versions fixes it.

En las versiones anteriores algunos errores daban un estado de salida 0. Esta versión lo corrige.

Fuentes y ejemplos / Sources and samples:
Gzipped tar file: pasmo-0.5.3.tgz

Desempaquetad el .tgz y leed el README.

Unpack the .tgz and read the README.

Ejecutable para Windows / Windows executable:

Version 0.5.2

Added a warning when the 64 KiB limit is crossed in the middle of a instruction, all warnings now show line information, some changes to allow use of more compilers, gcc 4 in particular (thanks to the Debian people).

Añadido un aviso cuando se cruza el límite de 64 KiB en medio de una instrucción, ahora todos los avisos muestran información de la línea en que ocurren, algunos cambios para permitir el uso de más compiladores, gcc 4 especialmente (gracias a la gente de Debian).

Fuentes y ejemplos / Sources and samples:
Gzipped tar file: pasmo-0.5.2.tgz

Desempaquetad el .tgz y leed el README.

Unpack the .tgz and read the README.

Ejecutable para Windows / Windows executable:

Eejcutable para Mac OS/X / Mac OS/X executable: pasmo-0.5.2-macosx.sitx

Debian package:
Pasmo is now included in Debian stable as official package.
You can apt-get it, or download the package from or follow the other versions of pasmo link in that page.

Ubuntu package:

Other versions and packages

You can download an rpm package from here

You can also download a deb package from the C-BIOS project page in Surceforge.

Older versions.

Versiones anteriores.

Preview of version 0.6.0

This version is unfinished, download only if you want to test the new features or help in development.

In this version the parser is completely rewritten using bison. You need a recent version of bison to compile it unless you don't touch the grammar and don't modify the file timestamps when unpacking.

Now can assemble 8080 code instead, or mixed with, Z80.

Sources and samples:
Gzipped tar file: pasmo-

Windows executable (built with mingw):
Zipped file:

20070113: More bug fixes, more warnings
20061009: Some more bugs fixed.
20060425: Some bugs fixed.
pre6: Enhanced REL files support and added linker capbilities.
pre5: Corrected bug in JP flag introduced in pre4.
pre4: Initial support for generating REL files. Carriage return and other characters are considered white space again.
pre3: Corrected bug of comment after macro arguments.
pre2: This version fixes some bugs in pre1, and has the options handle code rewritten for clarity and make easier future extensions. Some other things has been modified for clarity and consistency of the naming conventions.

Documentation (unfinished, revision 28-may-2006):


Links to some sites dedicated to the z80 processor, assembler and machines that use it.

Hardware - Software - Utilities - FAQ - Docs for Z80-Family.


My CP/M emulator for Linux and Unix. Can run CP/M programs directly from command line, no need to prepare disk images or other stuff. Very useful to test the Pasmo sample code.

Mi emulador de CP/M para Linux y unix. Puede ejecutar programas CP/M directamente desde línea de comandos, no necesita preparar imágenes de disco ni nada similar. Muy útil para probar los progrmas de ejemplo de Pasmo.
The Unofficial CP/M Web site
Software, documentation and links about the CP/M familiy of operating systems.
Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer History.
Information, downloads, links... In english and deutsch.
John Elliot's pages about cp/m
Links, downloads, technical documentation.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

World of Spectrum
The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet. - El portal del Spectrum
Spanish language site about the Spectrum, with links to many other spanish language Spectrum pages.
Sitio en español sobre el Spectrum, con enlaces a muchas otras páginas sobre el Spectrum en español.

Some open source works written with Pasmo (or with several assemblers including Pasmo).

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